"Long Island Science's product far exceeded our expectations from day one. Excellent skill sets and extremely responsive."


Who We Are

Long Island Science is a 100% woman-owned small business.

Principal, Peggy C. Sutherland

Long Island Science was founded in 2006 by Peggy Sutherland. Peggy's vision for improving the use of technology is to build control processes and meet quality objectives by managing data, clarifying roles, and reducing redundancies. The efficient use of technology and process should eliminate human error traps that prevent people from performing the best they can. Understand your data. Know what you are doing and why. These principles apply to management control systems as well as function-specific information systems.

Prior to founding Long Island Science, she managed process improvements and technical projects for more than 20 years at the American Institute of Physics, The American Physical Society, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Peggy built her experience working up through the ranks, taking on all possible IT project roles.

The Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Science and DOE Office of Environmental Management are among Long Island Science Government Customers. Long Island Science's Industry Partners include Brookhaven Science Associates, SpaanTech, Legacy-Critique JV, Project Enhancement Corporation (PEC), and ActioNet.

Peggy has a BS and a MBA/MIS from Long Island University, and a MS in Technological Systems Management/Energy Technology and Policy from Stony Brook University.


Long Island Science Core Values

      1. We care about our mission, have a sense of urgency in the pursuit of our goals and a desire for quality in our work.
      2. We demonstrate accountability by taking ownership, meeting our commitments, and admitting our mistakes.
      3. We acknowledge and reward individual and team successes. We talk directly and honestly to each other to resolve conflict in a timely and respectful manner.
      4. We communicate clearly and concisely and check for understanding.
      5. We ask for help when we need it and we look for ways to help each other succeed. We have a questioning attitude and pursue issues until a decision is made.