"Long Island Science's product far exceeded our expectations from day one. Excellent skill sets and extremely responsive..."


What We Do

Long Island Science provides consulting services for improving business processes in technical and research environments, using appropriate technology solutions. We build control processes and meet quality objectives by managing data, clarifying roles, and reducing redundancies.

The firm has unique experience in implementing best-practices solutions for compliance management in laboratories and other government organizations. We are passionate about improving your business operations.

Long Island Science provides four core services:

We have successfully managed projects in areas such as scientific publishing, certification/training, requirements management, and financial systems for over 20 years.

We can provide the full spectrum of services or assist in one area, to suit our client's needs. All services include project management and documentation.

Requirements management - Long Island Science works with clients to identify the full requirements set: policies, regulations, laws, best business practices, and contractual agreements. A framework is established for mapping requirements to owners and implementing those requirements. Working closely with our clients, we design and implement solutions for ensuring implementation methods are maintained when requirements change.

Role management - Organizational 'stovepiping' complicates the cross-cutting nature of key positions, where critical subject matter expertise and organization accountabilities are involved. We know that it is critical to identify the employees whose knowledge and position represent the greatest risk. Working closely with our clients, we apply workable solutions to identify those subject matter experts and address the risk.

Knowledge capture - Using strategies that engage staff at all levels, we guide clients through content development and publication, ensuring the need to share information does not conflict with safeguards and security. Reliance on paper manuals is reduced if not eliminated.

Information systems development - Long Island Science can work with your IT resources to develop in-house solutions or to implement an off-the-shelf system. Either way, we want your information technology solution to improve staff productivity, to simplify information capture and collaboration, and to reuse information wherever possible.